What's been up lately...

Finally on the Path

I’ve recently taken the plunge. I finally started buying Pathfinder books.

I’ve been playing Pathfinder off and on since around 2013, when my friend Rachel suggested we play a game run by a person she knew, alongside another guy who would eventually become our roommate (for a time).

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Sword Fern

This year, I’ve decided to try to maintain a few more houseplants. I did alright with the ones I had last year, and I really like the ritual of taking care of them day in and day out. The other day, my father and I went to Produce Junction, and found something nice.

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Primary Displays

I don’t use a standard Desktop Environment for my GNU/Linux computers. Instead, I opt for a more minimal Window Manager, like Fluxbox (my Slackware default), StumpWM (my LISP based, hackable, preference), or Joe’s Window Manager (Better for laptops and non-LISP machines). I’m writing this post from JWM, in fact.

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