Here we go again!

I am Christopher Rodriguez, starting yet another blog because the old incarnation of this site (Which will be imported by the time You are reading this, and available for Your perusal below) looked both amatuerish and was clunky to update.

I am now using hexo, a Node.js based blogging platform, to generate this site. This is because:

  • It is entirely CLI based (or at least, it seems that way right now)
  • It is fast to generate and fast to publish
  • It supports Markdown, YAML, and Heroku out of the box
  • It lets me use GNU/Emacs
  • It looks and feels modern and complete
  • It does exactly what I need it to, and gets out of the way

I keep a journal. I have a fiction blog I have been updating for the last month or so. I have a personal website, and way too many social media profiles. But I still have a desire to share my projects and work on a semi-regular basis in long form, and have that shared content be preserved over the long term.

Hence, this site.

I’ll write an About page later with some more specifics, but basically this is a personal blog for me to use to both share and document the work I do in my “day to day”. This’ll be everything from composing, to programming, to fixing computers, to playing games.

I hope that the tag system lives up to its name!

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