Yesterday was a very busy day for me, but I did have a small epiphany of sorts.

See, one thing I have been struggling with lately is the concept of Worldbuilding. I want my projects (be they games, writing, or music) to have enough thought put in them to make them not only likable, but believable. I want to create something like the things which inspire me, and one thing they have in common with each other is that they have beautiful, well-designed worlds for their stories to play out in.

I also am something of a Dungeon Master (or I was, anyway)… and worldbuilding is extraordinarily helpful in that area.

However, unlike creating a believable and unique character, I have found it difficult to destill the process of making a world into a text-based form. There are just so many different directions You can go from start that I doubt I could finish this project without a lot of effort and wasted time… And that is what I have been doing, the last few days. Wasting time.

But then, yesterday, I had an idea: What if I worked backwards? I do that more often than not, especially when coming up with big ideas or solving complex problems. Walking the path from the end to the start is something I find invaluable in my day to day life, so why wouldn’t it work here?

Instead of coming up with the questions needed to make believable and interesting worlds, why not use some of my favorite worlds to come up with the needed and important questions?

Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one, even when it doesn’t use the tools in front of You. This is one of those times, I think.

So, expect to see some analyses of my favorite worlds here soon. I’ve made You a small list, too! (Not by any means comprehensive, but I want to cover all of these eventually).

Here You go:

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