As I work my way through redesigning my site for its relaunch tomorrow (Gee, I’d better get on that today then!), I have noticed a few really nice things.

  1. I have, over the past two-ish years, composed no less than 12 pieces of instrumental music and 7 chiptune tracks, arranged a huge library of educational material based on traditional / popular music, and worked on no less than 4 distinct board games (most of which are not to the point where they will go on the site on Friday, but still),
  1. Redesigning the website is not ostensibly easy, but because of the existing site and Dropbox I at least only have a minimal amount of work to do on the actual content-content.

  2. I am capable enough in my chosen languages to put together a decent site almost completely from scratch, which (while not looking quite as mature as my old site) looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

All of the above things emphasize one crucial element of working as a small team or one man workforce: Organization.

When You are the only one working on a project, and therefore all the time spent putting things where they belong or redoing work You thought was lost is left to You and You alone, I have found it vital to try to remain as organized as possible. It makes things easier to find, easier to work with, and lets You skip the boring bits and move straight on to Actual Work.

One sin I have a habit of committing when it comes to computers is that of Optimizing my Environment instead of working. Things like setting up backups, configuring git and ssh and cron, or (today) trying to finagle a bit of code to do something that another bit of code could easily do are all well and good, in their places. But I have the unfortunate habit of doing those things to excess, and to the point where the time I have to actually get work done is greatly reduced.

Now, Organization can certainly fall into that category, at times.

It is not vitally important that, at all times, everything be organized and well thought out. If You have a set time to do something, it is much better to Get it Done first and worry about that stuff later. But as a 24 year old self-starter, I am constantly learning that the secret to life isn’t following one ideal or the other: It is about finding the correct Balance for today.

Anyway, sifting through the myriad folders and tarballs that my files were all hiding in today and sorting them into an [AWS][aws] S3 Bucket made me realize just how productive I have actually been over the course of the last two-ish years. I hope I am able to keep it up, and I shall strive to keep my work just a tad more organized in the future so that, a year from now, I [won’t have to do this again][arbitrarycondiments].

[aws]: “I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll be keeping my traditional hosting environment for the website yet, so I want all of the content (at least for now) to be hosted on Amazon’ s Web Services (specifically S3). That way, if I decide to go with Heroku (like I did with this blog) it is no big deal for me to deploy there instead.” [arbitrarycondiments]: “I personally lean more towards the side of doing it right in the present moment so that I don’t have to redo it in the future. But, like I said above, there are times when that is inappropriate… And it is better to just get it done as quickly as possible.”

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