One of the things I like to do in my spare time is play Tabletop Role Playing Games.

My friends and I have kind of fallen out of playing regularly, which is something I want to rectify as soon as possible. The memories and treasures that these games allow us to share during a quiet evening at home are important to me… and the creative outlet is something I think we all could use more of. To that end, I’ve been adding to my collection of games this year… and one of those additions is a little game called Capes.

Compared to Pathfinder, which was our mainstay for quite some time before this recent sabbatical, Capes is very rules-lite. I don’t think that is a bad thing, but it is different: No more 3 hour long combats, and no more grid… instead, a set of [4d6][dice] and a betting mechanic not unlike blackjack.

For a setting, we have decided to start with something like Steven Universe- but with a few caveats: No show-characters can show up on screen in the game (No Pearl, no Connie, and definitely no Steven)… and for all intents and purposes this is an alternate world to the show.

Basically, we don’t want to rely on the show’s canon for anything but background knowledge and setting.

As for the mechanics, IMHO there is one big problem with Capes and the way it is presented: There is no single, well constructed character sheet that allows all of a character’s information to be seen at a glance. There is a minimal one that just lists abilities, and one each for drives and exemplars… but having more than one sheet for such a small amount of data makes me sad when Pathfinder had so much more information needed on their sheets.

So, I made a single, unified sheet which should work for all characters in Capes. It has space for all crunchy information about a character… and even a few fields for the fluff as well. You can download it here, and feel free to distribute it to others. (All of the graphics / art is original aside from the Capes logo, which I included identify which game the sheet was for. All original work is licensed to the public at large under CC-BY-SA 4.0.)

If You like the sheet, let me know! And make sure to buy Capes; it is a fun game which (given a little bit of creative work on Your part) provides many, many nights of fun for You and Yours!

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