I have just recently re-done my Patreon page.

It’s not so much that I want to (or need to) make more money. I am more interested in a few side effects of maintaining a Patreon page than I am of the idea that people might pledge support for my work… side effects that will only grow in number as I go on with it.

Firstly (and most importantly, to me) is the idea that it is (yet again) another collection of my work. However, this is different from my blog posts, serial blog, and soundcloud in that it won’t be focused just on one medium (short reflections, serial fiction, and music, respectively) of my work, but instead will encompass everything I do. And while yes, that is the point of my website, it is different form that in that it will be organized by date instead of content type.

In short, it will be an easy and quick way to prove to myself how much I am getting things done, and how much of what I do is busy work.

Secondly, it will give people (should they choose to use it, of course) a single, unified place to comment on my work… Raising questions, sharing ideas, giving feedback. This is something I have wanted for a while, but have never really been able to set up (largely because my work is spread out across multiple platforms, dashing any communities that might spring up around them).

I make these things because it is what I want (and need, on some levels) to do. But knowing others might be enjoying them, or at least hearing / reading them, would make it all the better for me. And hey, I try to improve with each project I work on… but I know I’d improve a lot more if more people saw the things I put out.

Finally, and this is sort of a personal benefit, there is the concept of a deadline.

I don’t want to follow an explicit deadline for my blog, fiction, or soundcloud, but following one for my blog, fiction, and soundcloud… That could work better. Especially if I don’t limit it to just those things, and count things like artwork and project updates.

Setting up a semi-regular schedule of posting to Patreon will allow me to take all of the different areas I work in, and combine them into a single deadline that I can check myself against. This’ll make sure that, no matter where my day takes me insofar as work, I will be working towards a single deadline… which, in theory, should make me more productive.

Anyway, I spent a good hour or two over the last two days working on it, so I wanted to discuss it here. What do You think?

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