It’s the last Week of the Month, which means it is time to update one of my collections.

Below, I’ve drawn up a table of songs I currently play on the Anglo Concertina. It is more of a hobby instrument for me, in contrast to the harp and the banjo… I picked it up through my ties to Irish Traditional Music, and love to play it when I can. It is one of my louder instruments, though…

The first column, Card, is special: As part of my practice, I assign each regular piece to a playing card in one of many decks. This way, if I want to be challenged / practice something randomly, I just draw from a deck and get playing. It is meant to keep me practicing more during practice time, and also to get me to play pieces I would otherwise forget about. I’ll talk more about that in another post sometime.


Card Title Style Type Key
DB ♠A The Maid in the Meadow Irish Jig G Ionian
DB ♠2 Britches Full of Stitches Irish Polka G Ionian
DB ♠3 The Newmarket Irish Polka G Ionian
DB ♠4 The New Roundabout Irish Polka G Ionian
DB ♠5 Maggie in the Woods Irish Polka G Ionian
DB ♠6 Sergeant Cahill's Irish Jig G Ionian
DB ♠7 The Rights of Man Irish Hornpipe E Aeolian
DB ♠8 Lord Galway's Lamentation Irish Song A Dorian
DB ♠9 The Little Fair Canavans Irish Slip Jig G Ionian
DB ♠10 Planxty Fanny Power - Madame Trench Irish Song G Ionian
DB ♠J Eibhli Ghail Chiuin ni Chearbhail Irish Song G Ionian
DB ♠Q Caislean an Oir Irish Hornpipe A Dorian
DB ♠K Constant Billy English Morris G Ionian
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