‘Resolution’ is such a misunderstood term these days.

A resolution is a goal which You pursue resolutely (that is to say, with stark determination). Here is a definition, if You’d prefer a more official source than my meandering mouth. It is, perhaps, due to word of mouth and colloquialism in general that this term has become so maligned… But, four sentences into the new year, I digress. Basically, A Resolution is a Goal. There is nothing really special about it, as setting a goal You don’t ‘pursue with stark determination’ is kind of pointless, at least in my mind. So, rather than make a list of ‘resolutions’ at the start of the new year, I think I’ll make a list of the goals I plan to pursue for the foreseeable future.

This way, I can update them as my life changes and my goals are refined, instead of abandoning them to 2017 or beyond because of a little change (Or ‘failing’ in my resolution, and giving up). I think this is a better approach for my personality, and hope that I’m not being too too self indulgent by talking about it here.

Anyway, on to the list (I’ve got 5 right now):

  1. Read, Play, & Exercise More Regularly - I always feel better both physically and emotionally when I am reading, playing music, and exercising regularly. So, instead of going on binges (I went on two big exercise binges and three big reading binges in 2015) I want to make a point of doing both on a more regular basis in the coming year.
  2. Deal with my Health Issues - I haven’t been to a doctor since early 2013. I need glasses, I have asthma, and I want to start seeing someone for the anxiety I very clearly have. So, I need to get a GP, and keep up with them to address these issues in the next year or so.
  3. Finish More Projects - I have an issue with starting too many different projects, and not getting to the end of many of them. I did finish a music book in 2015 (though I never really promoted it), and I also have finished the first version of Elemental Warfare, but other than that everything is still ‘In Progress’. I want to focus on getting some of these ‘WIPs’ to become products in 2016.
  4. Stay in Contact Better - I have some really, really patient people in my life. I am a very introverted person, and so I tend to disappear from contact for long stretches of time. And, I realize that’s not really an okay thing to be doing… So, I am making an effort to try to write people back quicker, and be more proactive (within my abilities; social interaction takes a lot out of me) with contacting people outright. And, that includes social media.
  5. Allow Other People to ‘Play Their Own Boards’ - This is a big one. I have the tendency in my life to try to control everything, even if it is someone else’s responsibility, decision, and privilege to do so. I need to learn to let others do their own thing, and so I need to make that a big focus for me in 2016.

(N.B. There are a few changes I’ve in mind for this blog, as well, but those will come to be described in a later post).

We’ll see how I feel about these goals come February 1st, but I am going to wholeheartedly pursue them starting today. Goals are important for me, because they give direction to my actions and focus to my drive. It feels good to have some, again, other than ‘Move into a new apartment’.

What are Your goals right now? Let me know in the comments!

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