It’s been a while.

I’ve recently been working on myself a lot more, in an overall sense. With the way that this year has treated me, I think I really needed to take a step back and decide what is actually important to me. You can never really tell what tomorrow’s gonna bring (2016 has taught me that if nothing else), and so today is all the time I’ve got to live the way I want to.

So, naturally, I start optimizing.

I’m exercising (cardio, at least) regularly again. I’m watching what I eat (a little more, at least… more on that later) again. And I’m trying to get back into the swing of my work in time for NaNoWriMo 2016. All of these are fairly good things for me, I think.

But the biggest change I’ve made as of late, the one that I think has effected how I think and act each day, is that I have started keeping a Bullet Journal.

It’s not much, right now. I have the standard stuff (Future Log, Monthly/Weekly/Daily Spreads, and Contents). I also have a Gaming Log (to show me both what games I play most often and how much of my time I’m devoting to them), a Reading Log (To track the books I’ve read and my progress in those I’m reading), and a few Brain Dumps and Collections. Nothing too out of the ordinary, and certainly not as ornate as most of those found on the subreddit.

But it’s changed a lot about how I get things done. It helps me hold myself accountable for what I do with my time, and reminds me to take some time for myself more often. It keeps my bad habits in check, and has helped me start some new, good habits as well. And it clicks with all of my more magpie-like and techie urges, giving me a feeling of satisfaction I’d equate with prepping for a game or leveling up.

I’m hoping to add a log for blog posts soon, as well as one for my fictional writing. And I’m sure I’ll post any revolutionary updates here. But as for right now, I wholeheartedly recommend this method to people who’ve tried other organizational systems (especially those of the technical persuasion) and found them difficult to use.

Do You use a Bullet Journal? What are some of the most satisfying/helpful things You do with it? Is there any part You just couldn’t part with, no matter what? Let me know below.

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