Due to my somewhat radical beliefs on certain subjects, as well as my general dissatisfaction with the current political climate in the United States, I tend not to make many posts of an overly political nature.

However, I want to take this time to publicly state that I am more than willing to discuss how important it is for each and every citizen to exercise all of their rights, including their right to vote.

I look around at my peers and see a lot of dissatisfaction, a lot of disenfranchisement. A lot of that apparently uniquely millennial feeling that things are already a mess and there is little or nothing we can do about it. I understand that more than many, believe me.

Feeling powerless in such a large country is awful. It is very easy to conclude nothing You do will matter, and whether or not You eventually change Your opinion about that I will assure You that You’ll be told that through results again and again and again.

However, around 44% of reported eligible voters (source) chose to abstain from this Tuesday’s election. This Tuesday’s election, in which I personally was asked to voice my opinion on the future president, my future senator, my future congressmen (2 of them), my future school board, and two separate questions regarding matters of my state, New Jersey.

The idea that nearly half of those around me afforded a voice, however small a voice it might be, chose to stay silent that night is a much more troubling fact than a fixed primary, or the number of nominees running unopposed (there were a few). I won’t make this a very persuasive piece, because I’ve already written it to simply state my opinion, but I will end it with this:

I will be more than happy to convince You to vote in any election going forward.

And I will be more than happy to argue, as long as is needed to convince You, that Your voice matters—unless You choose to silence it Yourself.

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