This year, I’ve decided to try to maintain a few more houseplants. I did alright with the ones I had last year, and I really like the ritual of taking care of them day in and day out. The other day, my father and I went to Produce Junction, and found something nice.

Inducted a new member into the family today!

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Introducing Erdric the sword fern!

We were very lucky that they had such a nice, hardy crop of Boston Ferns in so early in the season, and I couldn’t resist. If he’s hardier than usual, well, that’s all the better for me: It’ll be harder for me to mess things up. And I just really like the look of this plant, too… There’s something almost regal about it.

And, as with all of the plants I will be keeping in my home, it is pet safe (In preparation for a year or two from now, when I allow myself to be adopted by another cat).

Welcome to the family, Erdric!

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