I’ve recently taken the plunge. I finally started buying Pathfinder books.

I’ve been playing Pathfinder off and on since around 2013, when my friend Rachel suggested we play a game run by a person she knew, alongside another guy who would eventually become our roommate (for a time).

Before then, I’d played Dungeons and Dragons exclusively: I started on 3rd Edition (3.0, I know, I know) after being given the Holmes blue box by my Dad. I’d also gotten my hands on a complete set of 1st Edition books, given to my by my therapist at the time (her son was getting rid of them, and like the huge nerd I am I’d mentioned Dungeons and Dragons to her). So, I was fairly entrenched in the whole Dungeons and Dragons thing.

I’d heard some bad things about 4th edition, though. I’ve only recently gotten into MMOs: Before, I hated them. And I’ve never really enjoyed streamlined games (more on that later). So when I heard 4e was a streamlined version of Dungeons and Dragons that took a lot of inspiration from MMOs (and that Tieflings were Core and Gnomes were Monsters!!!), I was unsurprisingly disinterested.

I also wasn’t exactly well off. I was never going to pay another $120 for 3.5e.

So, this new Pathfinder system was interesting, but I didn’t own any of the books. That was okay, though, because Pathfinder has not one, but two separate online System Reference Documents: Little webpages that have all of the rules in an easy-to-use, gratis format.

That was an amazing idea on Paizo‘s part.

And so, since then, I’d been using the PRD to play and run my games. This year marks the 4th year I’ve been playing it, actually. But I’d never, ever bought a single Pathfinder product… until recently.

I want to support the company. And I want to become a better Dungeon Master. So, I finally decided to start buying the books. Really, the decision came after impulsively buying two Adventure Path books (Mummy’s Mask 1 and Iron Gods 1) and being very impressed and satisfied with them.

I’ve also signed up as a subscriber to the Adventure Path, Novel, and Comic subscriptions Paizo offers. Partly because I am very interested in this world they’ve created, partly because I think it will help me to play and run games better to have more of a background in the lore…

And partly because I really, really like receiving things in the post.

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