I have started a LOT of blogs over the years.

Most were dedicated to a single concept: Video Games, Writing, Music, etc. I would post to them on an arbitrary schedule, then I would find myself drifting towards other aspects of my life and thus I would not keep up with posting to that blog. Finally, the cycle re-began each time I would look at the old, dead site and decided to begin anew, and this time I would post to it regularly.

That’s why I have recently switched to two main blogs: This One, which is my blog for work, projects, and basically any productive (that is, working towards some kind of product) work, along with personal reflections and ideas I want to write about. And Prose and Prosody, which is a Serial Fiction Blog where I post original works of fiction both is Prose (unrhymed, unmetered long form writing) and Prosody (poetry; Metered (and often rhymed) short form writing).

I will talk about anything I want on either, of course. But the goal is to have these two blogs completely represent me in terms of my writing. No real schedule exists for either, but I want this blog to be fairly active, and my goal is a minimum of 2 pieces of writing a month for the other one.